Glasgow's favourite Panto at The Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow - Cinderella!

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It was brilliant when i took my family on wednesday , bob and grado were hilarious and buttons was really good too , cinderalla stole the show holly was amazing , see yous next year merry crimbo
Mark oconnell
What a night myself and family had a great show as always can’t wait to see what yous have in store for all of us next year thanks to all the staff and all the cast members they put a fantastic show on was meant to say to the box office last night that I was there for Prince Charming (Chris Taylor ) to give us a big shout out we met him at Craig Tara with his wee yin so well done to the pavilion Theatre
Janice Boyce
Had such a good night at this show , my sides were sore laughing. Cannot beat here for the best panto experience
Sharon Timmins (via Facebook)
a fantastic show. actors were amazing. staff so helpful. bed scene was hilarious and great sing song at end :-)
barbara newton
was here last night. what a great show. congrats to all actors and staff so helpful. a great laugh at end and bed scene was hilarious. :-)
barbara newton
Went yesterday with the Govan Reminiscence Group. I was on my feet joining in doing the Glasgow crocodile. A marvelous experience. I'm 72 years young. Thank you for a great afternoon.
Bill Pritchard
Enjoyed the panto tonight. Scenery, costumes and acting very good. Would liked to have heard Clark Stewart singing p more as he had a very good voice. Great show.
Derek Brant
Chris Taylor is a fantastic actor and his facial expressions are hilarious. He plays Dandini perfectly. I enjoyed the panto and everyone was great. I'll be back to see it again.
Liz Wason
Can't wait taken my wee mum n dad for a surprise they think they r just going for dinner my wee mum is in a wheelchair n she thinks she won't b able to attend cause of this but phoned this morning n it's not a problem can't wait to c my wee mum n dad faces this is what it's all about x
Angela Seenan (via Facebook)
Great night
Elizabeth Macmillan (via Facebook)
Loved it !!!
Irene New Mackenzie (via Facebook)
Really amazing cast and fab show this year!! It was a Belter!! X
Jon Mcdowall (via Facebook)
My grandkids came and seen you they loved it xx
Cynthia Hardie (via Facebook)
I came tonight and it was absolutely fantastic. I have never laughed so much from the beginning to the end xx
Lynsey Clarke (via Facebook)
Amazing show, cast lots of laughs, was there tonight with my kids, we all loved it so much, want to see it again before it finishes up in January ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Jacquie Rae (via Facebook)
Was here on Sunday and was a fab night so much laughter
Debbie Cochrane (via Facebook)
Had a fantastic time with the family, would definitely recommend going along
Arlene Anderson Cunningham (via Facebook)
Was great girls have fun with ur girls
Christine Mcinnes (via Facebook)
Went to see this last Sunday for my nephews 7th birthday we all loved it and i want to go back and see it again ❤️ x
Lesleyanne Barclay (via Facebook)
Took my wee girl to see this last Saturday it was absolutely brilliant my wee girl said she wants to go again and again ,well done to all the cast members they’re fantastic
Yvonne Henderson (via Facebook)
Absolutely brilliant, 3 of us loved it from start to finish, it was so funny.
Lesley Sutton
Fantastic family entertainment! We LOVED it x all 10 of us x I highly recommend it x laughed all the way through x from grandparents to wee ones x all ages
IRENE mackenzie
Best panto ever,was funny joyful beautiful,thank you x
Karen bell
Can’t believe it. I’ve just found my tickets for the show. We should have been there last Saturday at 730pm show!
Angela Cunningham
Was there last night. Amazing show from start to finish laughed the full night well done to all the cast will defo be trying to get back to see it again in January x
Michelle wiper
Cinderella for all ages at the Pavillion. Young, old, tall and small, all laughed and sang along with Buttons (Liam) and his panto family in this fab show. Laughter rang out through the theatre as one joke didn't wait for the next. Fairly priced tickets mean all the family can see the show. Thanks Chloe for helping us out. 5star treatment. We were able to sit back and enjoy the show. Loved it! Hope to be back soon.
Absolutely brilliant laughed from beginning to end and dandini was amazing loved the facial expressions and grado and Steven were fab as ugly sisters highly reccimend it hopefully get back to see it in January
Linda Cuthbert (via Facebook)
Was there to see it last night with sisters, brother in law nieces, nephews and granddaughters, we all loved it, well done to all the cast, my granddaughters want me to take them back again. Xx
Mary Morrison (via Facebook)
Helen Martin c u in the morning. Oh yes u will lol. The kids will b so excited when they find out xxx
Yvonne Edwards (via Facebook)
Was there yesterday it's absolutely fantastic x
Kathleen Innes Docherty (via Facebook)
Went to see the show on Saturday night best panto I've ever been to. Everyone was amazing but Buttons was my favourite and the aerial dancers left us gasping .Truly fantastic.
Anne O'Connor
Amazing show last night we all had a great time & the panto crew were fantastic. We go every year but this year's has surpassed previous years so well done
Margaret Watt (via Facebook)
Was absolutely fantastic me and my friends had an amazing night ♥️
Thomas Lawrence (via Facebook)
Love this panto
Emma Dorans (via Facebook)
Just been to see it it was brilliant as usual well done everyone we go every year .
Audrey Macaskill s (via Facebook)
Fantastic.x seen it tonighy
Tracey McDade (via Facebook)
Was amazing tonight ❤❤ well done everyone you all were fantastic xx
Janice Quinn (via Facebook)
John Hogg (via Facebook)
Good luck to everyone can't wait to come see it soon
Carolann Irvine (via Facebook)
Great night last night 30/11/18, our group Pryde The PLAYZ thoroughly enjoyed the panto
William Duffy (via Facebook)
10/10 well done the Songs where amazing thought the night ❤️
Doug Daniel (via Facebook)
Beutiful panto !!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Emilia Kiełbas (via Facebook)
Went to see this today and it was thee best ever....Boabina and gradina were amazing.....we loved it
Alice Lewis (via Facebook)
Fabulous show ,great cast ,great humour and singing
J Stephen Burns (via Facebook)
Brilliant show well done everyone involved thank you
Kenneth Roy (via Facebook)
What a fantastic show grandchildren loved it, and so did we...well done everyone.
Hester Smith (via Facebook)
Very good. Stephen purdon deserves everything he was fantastic, especially when she (he) was on the bed with her sister. Every one of them done fantastic!! Thank u
Kirstie Pringle (via Facebook)
Brilliant show this afternoon Boab and grado #topclass their patter was amazing... buttons was hilarious and cinderella was stunning.. well done brilliant show
Lisamarie Docherty (via Facebook)
Darren Spiers (via Facebook)
Fantastic Performance We'll done everyone involved Thanks for a great night xx
Kim Menzies (via Facebook)
Second year in a row, can't wait till the third. Buttons and the ugly sisters made the night.
Amazing show kids loved it ans so did I definately suitable for all ages. All characters were fantastic particularly Buttons and the step sisters . Loved the dancers too especially the aerial arts , it was magical and hilarious start to finish recommend to everyone. Great way to start off the festivities.
Kelly Kelly
Fantastic night thanks to all the cast what a laugh great music Could not move for laughing
Ian mckellar
Wow!!!! The costumes were truly amazing!!!! Helped make the magic for me and my family.
Brilliant proper panto with bells on it. A great night for young and old alike.
Chester Studzinski
Dec 1st. Fab show would recommend to everyone. We all had a ball
Helen Ross
Great fun! Liam great as Buttons, Joyce the best bad baroness.
it was the most fun time of my life Liam Dolan as buttons was the best with him cracking his fabulous jokes what a comedian he is I now have soar ribs laughing at him.
calvin scott
What a fantastic night! First time at a panto in years and without kids....just me and my husband, both of us acting like big kids and having a brilliant evening. Thanks! We'll be back.
Sharon Harris
what a brilliant show the cast was great and Liam Dolan was superb will be back again with family best show ever
Lily Paterson
What a brilliant night me and my partner had tonight at cinders from start to finish both in our late 50ts so its a must for all ages . Well done to all cast and crew will definitely be back for next years PANTO .
Colin n cathy
Cinderella is easily the Pavillion’s best panto ever, a must for Xmas , so glad I’m going again next week .
Irene McGuinnity
i really look forward yo Christmas time especially Christmas pantomine every year at the pavilion theatre: last year Christmas pantomine 2017 at the pavilion theatre was really funny and hilliour's to enjoy watching: fantastic and excellent AND i really am looking forward to this year Christmas pantomine Cinderella: i give all Christmas pantomine show's a fantastic excellent performance of 10 out of 10 !
It was amazing rate it a 5 out of 5
I love all the show
I love the show all the time funny to
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