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What’s Good to Do

This adventure will have you laughing doon and across the watter, clapping, foot tapping to songs cleverly put together as part of the story. The most stunning sets with costumes to accompany them, is truly stunning to watch” “You will be hoarse from shouting out, laughing and giggling all the way through…but most of all make it you family’s tradition each year, bringing happiness, joy, laughter and precious memories to be remembered for years to come”

The Stage

“an all-star affair ... a huge crowd pleaser”

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This year's comments

The show was very good and very funny
Karen mackinnon
Went to see Treasure Island last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. All the kids age 4, 7 and 10 absolutely loved it. The costumes were great and the back drops were fantastic!! Thanks to all for putting on such a great show.
Went to panto friday night 1st dec it was abs brilliant everyone joining in singing and laughing great fun my 2 grandsons loved it well done to everone involved every charachter were good cant wait to come back
Anne greig
Went to Treasure Island last night was absolutely amazing show. Liam Dollan is hilarious and Jack Jester played an amazing part. Can't wait to go again in a few weeks.
Went to panto today was absolutely hilarious, we go every year without fail and enjoy every show. Great day/night out with friends or family. All the actors are brilliant, my favourites are Liam Dolan, Grady and Stephen Purdon they are all so so funny. You laugh and sing and clap from the minute you go in to you come out. Definitely recommend booking tickets you will no regret it, thanks to all the cast for another amazing show x.
Lorna McLean
Was there tonight had a great night was with the grandkids can’t wait till next time
Helen McCourt
hi just want to come on here and leave and amazing comment to all the wonder beautiful cased on treasure island pantomime from last night was absolutely funny and a was crying in laughter aswell as it was so funny the cast and everyone that was at the show last night a would deffo recommend everyone goses it’s absolutely funny and brilliant and there all just like a second family to me the amount of cheers and laughs we get from this it’s been the best experiences in my life and a can’t believe a got the opportunity to actually go again for the second year am so Incredibly greatful for this opportunity me and my family enjoyed it the most and deffo will be back with my pals at some point to show them the experiences i had honestly a couldn’t stop laugh ing all the memories a got with some of the cast at the end ano you wasn’t aloud to film anyone due to privacy but so incredibly grateful to of for a we photo outside the venue with some of the cast a deffo want to be a actor looks amazing and good but honestly yous all smashed it and never got time to leave a comment last night coming home but thought i would share my experience now thanks again and deffo be back❤️ a memorie all never forget Xx
Shannon Paterson
Absolutely brilliant show, saw it on its first night and every one of the cast were excellent. I was in tears of laughter, always a fun night out xx
Miss Alyson Lowrie
Brilliant show really enjoyed it cast were amazing and so funny loved Liam Dolan
Angela moore

Previous year's comments

Brilliant grandkids loved so did we thank you great entertainment
Absolutely fantastic. The patter was brilliant. The actors were amazing.
Betsy Milcairns
Went to see Aladdin on the 14/1/22 with my friend and my granddaughter wow what a performance we couldn’t stop laughing. We absolutely love panto time at the Pavilion theatre the best in Scotland. Ping and Pong were hilarious loved it when Abeneezer lifted Ping off the floor so funny can’t wait till this years, great to see Nicola Park looking so well don’t ever get rid of Stephen Purdon and Grado what a comedy act.
Liz Mcgleish
Congratulations on another wonderful Panto - was at Aladdin last night. I've not laughed so much for a while and they do say laughter is the best medicine. My friend, who was celebrating her 90th birthday thoroughly enjoyed her evening. My only regret was that due to circumstances at the time I was unable to bring my great grandson to the show - he would have loved it - roll on next Christmas. I would recommend that if you can try to get to the Panto before it finishes on Sunday you'll love it.
Anne Scott
Honestly one of the best pantos we have seen. This is our second visit it was so good we seen it twice. The full family came tonight and everyone loved it. Special shout out to ping and pong we laughed all night. Get yourself along to see it the whole cast were fab. Thanks guys for a fabulous night.
Another fabulous panto, we came on the 5th January and back again tonight as the kids loved it. They laughed just as much as the 1st time. The whole cast were absolutely amazing. Can't wait for the next one. x
Kirsty Dunbar
What a wonderful afternoon we had at the pantomime yesterday. From start to finish. I’ve not laughed so much in a long time if anything can lift your spirits then this pantomime should be on prescription. Home grown talent everyone is a star .All familiar faces .This pantomime should not be missed .cant wait till the next one .Thankyou everyone just what we all needed ❤️
Annette Hillhouse
My twin and I go every year and this was the best yet. I laughed so much I almost needed a Tena Lady
Lynne Clark
A Wednesday night in January was certainly brightened up with the stage LED display. Haven seen a few Pantos this year your tech presentation was the highlight of 22/23 season. Well done!
Tom mc Shane
Best pantomime I have seen for years. Fairly cheered us all up and we laughed from start to finish (especially at Bing and Bong) Great costumes, music, singing and dancing and the Best Baddie in Glasgow he was fantastic . We will be back next year well done everybody.
Sharon Meechan
Show was brilliant the cast and music were fantastic. Me and my kids thoroughly enjoyed this afternoon. Bravo Pavilion
Mark Docherty
Went to see The Magical Adventures of Aladdin with my daughter.We come every year. This was definitely the best yet. We laughed from start to finish. The whole cast were brilliant. Especially Ping and Pong absolutely hilarious. Well done everyone also all staff very helpful
Georgia McGill
Had a great night at the Pavilion last night, watching The Magical Adventures of Aladdin with my family. We come every year, and whilst we are never disappointed, this year's show was definitely one of the best.
Margaret Watson
Liam Dolan earns his money on this production for me covering many roles with such gusto and engagement of the audience. The entire cast have an array of costumes and this years panto perhaps for me more dance, song and a fair helping of slapstick led by the usual suspects. The story line has moved away this year from traditional panto as I would see it which I missed a bit. Great show and absolutely delighted to see a full house which really adds to the atmosphere and experience.
Donald Reid
Had a fantastic night once again at the Pavilion. Everyone of the cast where amazing. We always do Hogmanay but due to the kids being unwell had to reschedule. I'm hoping the Pavilion stays open as its the best Panto theatre. We would like to thank everyone in the show and the staff for another fantastic night. Ty. Mary Karah Shelby and wee Leo x
Mary Cawley
Best show all year through hadn’t been panto for years took granddaughter she loved it laughed from beginning to end would have loved my hubby to have went but he was not feeling too good tonight maybe next time if there’s tickets left
Isobel hunter
Great show as always was there the Sunday before Christmas with my dads work my oldest missed out that day as she wasn’t well so went back again tonight (10/01/2023) and we had a great night alway love the pantos in the pavilion theatre yous guys and girl are so entertaining it’s always the best panto I’ve been too and the most funnest the cast members are outstanding and so are all the staff at the pavilion always makes you feel welcome looking forward to 2023/24 show xx
Tracey Hart
Was there on Christmas Eve amazing show full of fun and laughter and then went back again on Sunday the 8th January took my granddaughter she loved it aswell
April Mcfarlane
It was a really good panto and it was really funny. I think what made it funny was Stephen Purdon and Scott Fletcher. I highly recommend going.
I was there on Saturday with my son for his 5th birthday we had the best day , the Panto was amazing! Ping and pong were hilarious. And thanks too Liam dolan for wishing my son happy birthday. We will be back end of year for the next one. Thankyou
Stacey Mcculloch
Whole family come every year, after saving all year. everyone was fantastic. So funny! Always love Grado and Stephen Purden together as a duo, the way they bounce off each other. And Jack Jester as the baddie he was brill!! Wrestling bit was a great addition. Even my 2m old nephew couldn’t take his eyes off the stage. Well Done everyone!
Ally Hare
I took my daughrer & my niece & nephew on the 30th dec 2022 we laughed from start to finish the stars in it where fantastic . So thank you so much for making us laugh especially in these hatd times
Lynn Gordon
I had previously been to this show o 10th December with work colleagues, loved it that much that came home and bought more tickets for other half and little girl 3yr. Did not disappoint wee one loved it and has never stopped talking in how much she loves ping and pong, that bad man kept putting them to sleep. Will be back next year family tradition started for 3 of us. Thank so much xx
Gail Swan
Had an absolutely fantastic time me my partner and kids definitely need to come back next year. Never laughed so much in all my life. Thanks to all
Irene Mcghee
We took our 10year old daughter on the 2nd January and the three of us laughed the whole way . One of the best pantomimes I have seen in awhile and the fact that it is for all the family to enjoy
Samantha Mcghee
Great show was there on Saturday looking forward to this year's show
Edith elliott
My daughter went to see this with her Gran on Saturday 7th January and they both absolutely loved it! She can’t wait for next year’s show already. My mother in law said it was funny, the performers were amazing and they had such a good afternoon. Thank you!
Nicola Loudon
Me my son partner friends little girl went on Saturday in absolutely enjoyed the show amazing performance from the cast my son is a big fan off grado and jack jester wrestling fan mad seeing them do the wee fight at the end made his day couldn’t be more happier thanks for a wonderful night definitely be bk in recommending the show to friends
Lesley anne Murray
Just back from seeing the panto today at the pavilion!! Performance was outstanding!! What a show!! Good old Glasgow banter!! Canny beat it!! !
Maria Kiely
Seen Panto on Saturday night. What a great night's entertainment. Laughed all the way to through. Good family fun don't miss it!
Liz Grant
I was at the pavilion theatre today with my daughter what another fantastic show from start to finish we have never laughed as much as we did well done to everyone especially Liam dolan grado and Stephen purdon you three just make the show so special well done we always come upto Glasgow to the pavilion every year to the pantomine
Alison Cambers
Long time since I have seen a pantomime absolutely brilliant costumes great brilliant cast 'soo very funny a scream from start to finish loved every minute of it. Congrats to the cast a lot of hard work but magic.
Sally Wright
Had a brilliant night would highly recommend this pantomime to everyone laughed from start to finish and now have no voice
Jeanette Robertson
Brilliant show on the 3rd January. Brought my mum & dad as a wee treat, it was what they needed. Laughed all the way through entertainment at its best. my mum has been battling pancreatic cancer for 6 months, so having her out and enjoying herself making fabulous memories is what we all needed. Thanks to everyone for the best time. I would also like to thank a member of staff CHRIS, who helped with my dads wheelchair. Chris you are an asset to the Pavilion, your customer service skills were fantastic, you made us feel at ease and took the stress away. Thank you.
eleanor wemyss
A great wee night at the panto with the family, great fun great show, cast lighting dancing singing all brilliant....well done
Julie Williams
Wee night out on the 4th Jan with my daughter to see the amazing aladdin.great from Starr to finish. Haven't laughed this much in ages. Costumes lighting dancing brilliant never disappoints. My wee niece stars in this and she smashes it x Be back on the 12th
Michelle Thomson
Just back from another amazing show! It's been a rotten few months for myself and my family and this was just the tonic we needed! Thank you so much, every one of the cast were absolutely fantastic as always. Laughed from start to finish! If you need a wee pick me up, this does the trick. Highly recommended :) x
Absolutely brilliant!! Loved every minute very entertaining and amazing effects would definitely recommend to family and friends. Thank you
Margaret Ann Lamb
Show fabulous for all the family . Hilarious content great songs fab interaction with the audience. Will defo be back x
Karen Gibb
What a fantastic afternoon we all had, I took my daughter and her daughter, this was the first time for my granddaughter, she had been to a pantomime in a theatre she has seen one in school but never in a theatre she said that the theatre was magical , when the performers came on stage she was just mesmerised , when the snow came down she was loving it saying too her mum this is just magic. I have promised that we will be back.
Just been t see Aladdin with family and friends. Definitely the funniest panto out there. Fantastic cast and costumes. And who doesn't love a wrestling match or Dalek thrown in for good measure! Can't wait for next year's! Well done everyone including in house staff who were also very friendly and helpful. Thanks for a great day out
OMG that was hilarious. Came through from Penicuik for a change from Edinburgh Panto.. glad we did, sat in the front row (best seats) laughed from the moment it started till it finished. Just home and my face still aches. All the actors were brilliant and who knew Scott Fletcher could sing . Will defo be back next year it was amazing and such a cute theatre.
Lesley Swan
Was at the panto on 29th December and hilarious as always. The one liners are always funny but genius and the cast are just superb. Come every year to the panto it's an absolute must. It's the Glasgow patter and the river city add ons with also the 2 doors down add ons as well. Thank you so much not laughed like that for ages..... great panto want to go again.
Lesley Strain
Was at the panto on 29th December and hilarious as always. The one liners are always funny but genius and the cast are just superb. Come every year to the panto it's an absolute must. It's the Glasgow patter and the river city add ons with also the 2 doors down add ons as well. Thank you so much not laughed like that for ages..... great panto want to go again.
Lesley Strain
Brilliant as usual never ever fail to make us laugh been coming to the pantos for years with my family xxx
Just back from another fantastic pantomime my self my husband and the kids had a ball! my oldest couldn't stop laughing all the way through ! We can't wait until next year as every year it gets better and better
Celine Clark
Was here tonight 2/1/23 to see The Magical Adventures Of Aladdin with my 3 kids, was a great show and performance by all including Jack Jester I suppose haha
Charlene Andres
Absolutely pure dead brilliant,was there on Hogmanay what a amazing performance from everyone
Mrs Jean Hayes
Had a ball, cast were brilliant so funny great involvement with audience, will be telling all my friends and family this is a must see
Caroline Norton
Absolutely brilliant fun for our entire family.
Joe Quinn
Cast and crew absolutely smashed it this afternoon. We all thoroughly enjoyed this afternoon’s performance of Aladdin. Get yourself along before all the tickets are gone.
Colin Pryde
I went today with family, the kids enjoyed it and so did the big kids , plenty of laughs and audience participation, very talented cast
Anne Monaghan
Yet again, another fantastic pantomime at the Pavilion, that is why we keep coming back year after year. This years pantomime had again something for all age groups. My granddaughters particularly loved Widow Twankey played by the fabulous Nicola Park. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious
Julie Hughes
Me and my sister went to your show on 30th December we has such great night youse were all amazing I would recommend it to family and friends thanks again for great night
Edwina Yuill
Good evening. Me and my grandson went last night 2 the show. Wow its really good. Very funny. We never laughed so much. When we were in the car on the way home and still talking about the show and laughing all the way home. The best pantomime ever. Thank u so much.
jill sheppard
The show was absolutely fabulous. All of the cast were excellent. The comedy sketches were hilarious. We had a wonderful time. Thank you.
Jessie Crosson
I was at the show on the 29/12/22 with my friend and her children and what a great time we all had. Great music and special effects loved the Dr Who bit especially the appearance of a Dalek.
Martin Walters
Just back from The Magical adventures of Aladdin 29/12. It was fantastic, all cast Liam, Grado and wee Boab were great, orchestra was fab with the sounds and rythems..Great night must see Panto defo back for 2023
Great show. Really enjoyed it as with all pantomime lots of audience involvement. Go and see it.
John Moir
We had a fabby time the panto this afternoon. Costumes and stage lighting we great and the cast were fantastic we will be back next panto well done x
John Johnstone
Amazing panto never laughed so much in years. The cast were outstanding, if you haven't been to see it yet, this is by far the best to be this year.
Clair scott
I was there on Thursday 22/12/2022 as it was my daughter’s birthday. It was brilliant panto and characters were so funny. We had an amazing time which made her birthday thanks
Shona Philpot
Absolutely fantastic! Patter was superb....Jaws sare laughin and hands sore clappin!! Well done guys xxx Ps, special thanks to "wee boab" for the picture outside the theatre prior to the show. You made my sons night doing this!
Claire Sherry
What's the name of the song they sing after the wrestling match doing my head in
Best panto ... *"EVER"* ???? Glowing review, think ill be the judge of that ... Janette x
Janette x
Hi I was at the show on Tuesday night with my 2 sisters (we are aged between 59/68) and I can honestly say we have not laughed so much in a long time. X
Jacqueline Murray
This was our 1st pantomime in a long time had a fantastic evening with my mum. We laughed from start to finish. The cast were outstanding. Singing was fabulous well done princess. Defo do it again next year. Well done to all that participated.
Lynn & Margaret
Was there on 11th Dec 2022 was a fantastic panto . Great job guys x
Michelle hughson
hi all just want to say a little nice and good we meassge for all yous to see it bbys what an absolute night this pantomime was Aladdin bby you where such a blast and a cannot tell you how much me and my best friend sarah enjoyed it you deffo made my night so yous all night and made me feel better a just want to shoutout all yous out to say a massive thank you to everyone in the pantomime for the performance it was so great and good and such a happy time best pantomime i have ever been to in 2022 what a great time it has been to end 2022... hopefully be back next year again before it ends thank you again xxxx❤️❤️
Shannon Paterson
My husband and I took our 5 year old son to his first panto he absolutely loved it and so did we xx costumes fab , stage set up amazing cast were all absolutely brilliant Would highly recommend this for great family fun
Leigh Scott
Absolutely incredible! Genuinely can’t remember the last time I laughed so much! My wee 2 year olds were thoroughly entertained too - neither of them moved for the full first half! Really don’t want to ruin the surprises for everyone, but let’s just say if you haven’t booked already get booking now as you don’t want to be left feeling like a dafty!
Elaine Burns
Was at Aladdin last night with family . It was amazing . Haven’t laughed soo much , had a fantastic time . It was my wee boys first time at a panto as I didn’t think he would sit still , but he was mesmerised from start to finish and he loved shouting Dafty Dafty Dafty . Outstanding cast and performance. Thanks for making my wee boys night magical . Be back to see it before January . Well Done
Caroline Colville
The show was great every character were funny going back xmas eve well worth the money
Anne greig
The Pavilion Theatre thank you for (as always) a wonderful show. I for one think It was a wonderful thing to do to help food banks in this current situation and it allowed many families to attend on those nights who otherwise may not have been able to. Some people need to remember if they can't say anything nice, they shouldn't say anything at all. Goodluck with the rest of the shows (
Claire Caldwell Knox
My little girl had the best time lol dafty every time he come on she was going nuts lol x (
Holland Donna
Looking forwards to our visit on 31st x (
Donna Haggart
Opening night was amazing from start to finish xx (
Janice Quinn
Was there last nigh and as always a fabulous show (
Mary Hudson
Was there on friday night great show (
Anne Greig
Absolutely brilliant all the kids loved it so funny (
Catriona Valente
Dafty dafty dafty all kids be shouting this in school for the next few days (
Karen Bradley
Lynn Archer cannae wait its always fab x (
Dawn Reid
Congratulations (
Jane Dalton
Cant wait until boxing day (
Bobo Sam
Got tickets for the 28th. Gifted from Jim Dudgeon and Pauline. Looking forward to it with the beautiful Evelyn xx (
Marie Cunningham
Absolutely brilliant! (
Tracey Jackson
Congratulations (
Paul Robertson
Had a brilliant time at the Panto tonight with Halfway Bowling Club x (
Pauline Rutherford
It are awesome and amazing show go and see show aladdin your have fun and good memories (
Joseph Clancy
We were there 2nite. Absolutely fantastic show. Boab n grado make me cry (
Kerry Winston
Came along today from Aberdeen! Was brilliant!! (
Fiona Yule
Was there this afternoon, absolutely brilliant. X (
Annette Mcmillan
Was there this afternoon,brilliant and so funny (
Alan Mackenzie
Amazing show every year can’t wait to come this year ☺️ (
Leanne Dempster
Went yesterday and it was fantastic our 5yr old had a ball x (
Pamela Stevenson
Was absolutely brilliant we where there last night and laughed so much it was so good recommend going to see it (
Annmarie Brogan Forker
Absolutely brilliant so good my son wants to go and see it again
Esther anderson
what a fantastic show was here tonight with my Husband and 8 year old and 6 year old we all loved it very funny and fantastic cast well done guys
Nicola Calvert
Great show,great cast,great night,and a great story. Fantastic humour and a great audience. Well done Pavilion theatre, can't beat Glaswegian humour. Looking forward to next year.
Arthur Mclauchlan
Absolutely brilliant performance this afternoon. Well done everyone
Teresa Black
I was at the panto 2nite with my mum, dad, husband, 9 year old daughter and 4 year old son. We all had a great time and thought it was funny
Nicky Cullen
Wonderful show. Pavilion has really excelled this year with Aladdin. Grado is magnificent. All credit to a wonderful, hilarious cast. Must see.
Ken McMaster
Brilliant pantomime ping and pong were brilliant as usual lots of laughter and dancing and singing was good definitely worth going to see the cast were all great well done
June Mackin
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Went to see Aladdin as a family of 13 and every one of us was in stitches. Grado was outstanding! Pavilion has really upped its game. Not to be missed - oh no it isn't!!
Oh my god. Was at the pantomime last night and it's the best show ever, we laughed from start to finish. Grado and Stephen Purdon as ping and pong were hilarious. The whole cast were fantastic. If you haven't already booked tickets so it now I promise you will not be disappointed. Best panto ever. Well done all involved
yep absolutely amazing pantomime the best panto ever in 2022 honestly was so good and great to meet yous all honestly thanks again and hopefully be there really really soon again xxx
Shannon Paterson
Fantastic show last night guys well done what a way to open the show. Wishing the cast a very Merry Christmas. Break a leg
The Aladdin pantomime was fantastic! From the first minute until the last bow the whole experience was certainly a show stopper! Thoroughly enjoyed it, a massive Well Done to all, front of house and behind the scenes too!
Maryann Cook
Just seen Aladdin it was hilarious great performance from all involved well worth a visit
Samantha Grant
Booked up to go to the show this year absolutely buzzing! (Oh Yes We Are)
Laura Stuart


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